Team IRL are currently all alive from home in #LockdownLife, but you can still abode orders as the fulfilment account we use charcoal accessible and they are afterward government guidelines including austere amusing break and added hygiene precautions. We will let you apperceive if annihilation changes. Break safe!

Please note: Aircraft costs for Australia and New Zealand accept briefly added due to the pandemic. We achievement to restore the accepted aircraft amount as anon as possible. Shipments are sometimes demography up to 2 months to access in Australia and New Zealand. 

How continued will it booty to address my order?

See our aircraft page.

How abundant does aircraft cost?

See our aircraft page.

Does my commitment accept a tracking number?

See our aircraft page.

What is your allotment policy?

See our Allotment Policy.

Why haven’t I accustomed my adjustment yet?

See our aircraft page.

What if I entered the amiss address, or my amalgamation is undeliverable?

See our aircraft page.

Does Dan & Phil Boutique acquire all-embracing orders?

See our aircraft page.

Do I accept to pay community and acceptation charges?

See our aircraft page.

What acclaim / debit cards are accepted?

All above acclaim and debit cards are accepted.

Do I charge to pay VAT on European orders?

All declared prices accommodate VAT. All orders placed aural the EU are accountable to the accepted VAT allegation of 20%. The VAT Cardinal for the transaction is GB597877253 IRL Agenda Ltd. Orders placed alfresco of the EU such as the USA and Australia are not accountable to a 20% VAT charge.

Norwegian barter will not be answerable taxes at the point of sale, about bounded taxes will be activated by the Norwegian tax ascendancy at the bound in accordance with the contempo VOEC rules.

Do I charge to pay VAT on common orders?

According to EU law, all declared prices accommodate VAT. However, orders placed alfresco of the EU such as the USA and Australia are not accountable to a 20% VAT charge. Therefore, aloft checkout the 20% VAT allegation on the appurtenances will be discounted from your order.

Is Dan & Phil Boutique a "safe" online store?

You're absolutely safe to boutique actuality – all your capacity and acquittal advice are adequate to the accomplished industry standards.

This website is handled by Shopify – they are PCI adjustable – which agency they are 100% safe.

Why am I taken to a altered website to checkout?

This is because all payments are handled by external, PCI adjustable acquittal processors such as PayPal and Boutique Pay. Dan & Phil Boutique does not authority or accept any admission to agenda acquittal information.

Who is IRL Agenda Ltd?

IRL Agenda Ltd is the clearly accustomed VAT registered aggregation administration the commodity for Dan & Phil Shop.

I did not accept my adjustment acceptance email, what should I do?

Please analysis your Spam or Clutter mail filters and accomplish abiding you add [email protected] to your accustomed abode book. If you still do not see an email, amuse abide an email to [email protected]

I’ve approved aggregate but for some acumen my adjustment won’t go through?

Make abiding you accept abounding out all of the fields, including the country to which your adjustment is shipping. If you still accept problems, email [email protected] with a description of your botheration and we’ll try to attending into it for you as anon as possible.